Friday, June 16, 2017


It felt right to walk down the east river trail like any old day and see what I could see.  A sow was in a grassy pasture with around 20 piglets; a hen scratched the dirt and pecked.  And suddenly there were five digets in the count, as quiet and unexpectedly unremarkable as traveling across a border on a night train.
But really, how could I resist the mama finally breaking free of the piglets and grabbing a little rest in the mud pond?
And the wooly lambs are getting close to growing up.  As Shiko Munakato says:  The mind goes and the tool walks alone.

So I will take a little vacation from posting,  but I'll be back in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for all your heartening encouragement and cheer-leading these past four years!  I can't stop drawing, and numbering is interesting.  Tonight a good friend gave me a party, and I spread out all 44 books for people to look through.  Now I want to sit with them and see which seeds they contain, which directions they point to.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Down at the river a team from Wildlife & Fisheries or some other uniform-wearing clipboard-carrying organization was seine fishing for something.  The net was as big as the large Pawley's Island hammock that I made out of a clothesline when we first moved to NC. 

On the right is the perfect heart stone that I found right after watching the team seine.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mysterious Forms in a Rhododendron Slick


Strange fleshy white hollow forms like miniature hats are growing on a few wild rhododendron leaves in a rhododendron slick that skirts the west river trail.  No insects were around.  After studying and drawing them I googled them and have concluded they are rhododendron galls, also called azalea leaf galls and pinkster galls..  They differ from insect galls in that they are made by the spores of a fungus.  Early settlers reportedly pickled them and considered them to be a delicacy.  

Jesse As Odalisque

Really,  this cat loves to lounge voluptuously.
He was rolling in the grass while I stood offering my ankles to the mosquitos, which have arrived in terrifying numbers.

(Backup) Odd Revelations of the Bamboo Grove

In the grove of giant golden bamboo along the east river trail new shoots are pushing up from the forest floor.  Shaped like skinny teepees, they emerge very rapidly,  growing around ten inches a day.  If you're not having a clear eyes day or if it's dark and you're whipping along the trail it's possible to kick one of these and snap it off, as the middle one above was.
Along with the surreal bamboo shoots are fantastic rhododendron twigs and occasional broken stumps like howls of outrage.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Not Listening

Happily the TVs were turned off at the hairdresser's this afternoon.  No whining,  nasal,  lying little ferrets could be heard.